BLATHERSKITES Something really different!

29 Aug 2015 - 19:30


The Blatherskites made their start in 2012, where all six members met in the legendary Conservatoire Folk Ensemble… Whether leading a skank, ceilidh, mosh-pit, or all three at once, the genre enveloping power-folk mash-up band ‘Blatherskites’ are ready to storm the world with their unique brand of infectious world fusion!

“It just makes me want to go crazy that song, dance in the living room and just go absolutely mental!” -Louise Brierley, BBC WM Introducing Blatherskites- Perhaps the name of a new, terrifying genre, where folk-influenced melody weaves seamlessly with irresistible groove from seemingly any musical spout? Perhaps a description of the band’s anthropomorphised animal-obsessed saxophonist? In any case, an aptly descriptive name for the Blatherskites!

“A blatherskite may either be a noisy talker of blatant rubbish or the foolish talk or nonsense that such a person spouts.” —


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